This is a search engine for searching the World Wide Web content on the tildeverse.

The tildeverse is the name given to the loose community of public access unix systems that act as small communities.

One of the joys of the tildeverse is stumbling around the user pages on the different tilde communities. They are full of delightful and strange content. It is fun to go back to the feeling of surfing the web for a little while. I began to wonder what other treasures were buried in the tildeverse. So I built a custom search engine that only crawls and indexes the tildeverse.

It's refreshing to explore a small weird corner of the Internet that's NOT monetized, optimized for virality, nor imbued with the growth-at-all-costs mentality. The tilde communities are something different, something deliberately slow, and something dorky that live outside the confines of the technology juggernauts that pervade our landscape today. Communities of people coming together online to foster the original spirit of the Internet -- back when its potential was a promise and not a regret.

I want an Internet that's weird and fun. Designed and made by real people.

Have fun!